Prisym Support
Since label printing is often a critical component of production, we offer fast and direct support for our Prisym software and printing systems from Sato, Zebra or Toshiba
Our support staff are there for you by phone or remote support, without a ticket system. In this area you will find our support documents, which we create for frequently asked questions

Support FAQs

Detailed HIBC Info

HIBC Barcodes

HIBC barcodes have been used in the medical field since 1984, but to get the data structure right, a bit knowledge is required. Various date formats, new addons for quantities and splitting into primary and secondary barcodes doesn't make it easier. This document provides an overview here.

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Licensing Prisym Design

Prisym 6 Licensing

Prisym Design 6 is licensed through a license number. To activate your license, you must send your customer license key to us. To transfer the license, you can release it in license view and you will receive a 7-digit deactivation code, that you will need when we activate it again.

Information only
Subscript and Superscript

Subscript and Superscript

Especially in the chemical industry, we keep getting requests for superscript or subscript characters. Since Prisym Design offers full Unicode support, all important characters are there. This document shows where you can find the corresponding characters.

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Valid GS1 Character

Valid characters for GS1 Barcodes

For the GS1-128 and GS1 Datamatrix barcodes, there are guidelines for valid characters to be used in content in accordance with the GS1 specification.
This PDF shows all valid characters. Also note that a space is an invalid character according to the GS1 specification.

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Code128 CharSets

Code128 Character Sets

With Code128 there are 3 character sets A, B and C that can be switched. This is the reason for names like Code-128A
This document shows all characters that are possible in the respective character sets and how they are switched.

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