Custom Solutions
Solving requirements with existing or standard software is for sure the quickest way. However, processes are often adapted to these software instead of choosing a solution that is optimally adapted to the existing processes
Our engaged team could offer proposals for solutions and can implement them at low cost. With many years of experience, we already have reference projects in many areas such as ERP connection, production lines and mobile software development

Process-Oriented Solutions

Often software solutions must be adapted to your processes and this with a clear focus on the task, from data entry up to label printing.

To prevent errors in your daily work and also to minimize inputs, its ideal if the process could support barcode scanners. Simply scan the barcode of your work order and our customized software solutions will collect data from all given data sources and prints your label.

Modular Software Design

Customized software solutions can simplify processes and make them more cost effective. Our experience with such solutions connected to our existing module library of already implemented projects, allow us an implementation for reasonable prices.

And these projects covering lots of different areas, from database connection to process control. Talk to us, perhaps we have solutions which you not even have thought about.



Data Integration

All our data to print are available on a system. That would be the ideal case, but unfortunately the reality often looks different.

Master data from one system, the production data from somewhere else and your customers would like to get their own information printed on his layout. We can combine these requirements in customized software solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs.